Sam Waples, Crossfit/Strength Training

sam pic for testimI really wanted to train with Nick at Omni Training Systems, but was concerned with the price of personal training. We are all trying to budget money, and living in Santa Barbara makes money tight. However, he is always willing to work something out and give me something that I can afford. Plus, it is totally worth it!
After training with Omni, I have realized how important good form is, how important mobility is, and how much mind power it takes to become strong and a decent lifter. He always works on all of these aspects, and does not just jump into trying to lift more than my form and mobility will allow.
I enjoy how passionate Nick is, and how he actually TEACHES instead of just telling me “hey do 10 reps of these.” He teaches WHY each muscle should feel this way or that when lifting, etc. I enjoy learning while I am training and not just being told what to do. It helps build confidence in my lifts and in life as well.
It has also helped me mentally, and I have learned a lot about macros and nutrition. He provides a very well-rounded service. The goal has never just been to lose body fat, but to learn about powerlifting, gain muscle, and get stronger. When I am lifting elsewhere or on my I now have more confidence, whereas before I was a lot more timid with the weights.
I would most definitely recommend Omni Training Systems to anybody looking to lose weight, get stronger, or learn how to move better. Nick is a very well-rounded trainer- he has great personality, knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, and I always feel great after my workouts! Also, he does not let clients give up or go easy on them, so if someone is looking for a challenge, training with Omni is where it’s at.
I am very happy to have the opportunity to have Nick as a trainer and look forward to more and more improvements. For me, seeing my improvements gives me such a feeling of accomplishment that I can’t get enough of it! So thank you Omni Training Systems!