Sharon Roth, Fat Loss/Fitness

sharon 2I really wanted to train with Nick at Omni Training Systems, and he made it easy by being flexible and working with my schedule and my needs to make it work. I appreciate that about him! I realized that I picked the perfect trainer for me at this time in my life. I appreciate everything about Omni Training Systems such as……he’s always on time, he communicates well, he understands me (all aspects of me), he is creative in designing fun and innovative outdoor workouts, he is kind, caring and compassionate, he is flexible (when life happens) and he is very fair with his rates. One feature I specifically liked about training with Nick is that he can train me outdoors as opposed to the gym. Omni Training Systems is very direct and honest. Nick holds me accountable and is very encouraging and positive. I would definitely recommend Omni Training Systems to anybody, because Nick is hard working, a man of his word and very talented as a trainer. He really listens to the client, and pushes me but also listens to what I am and am not capable of to ensure safety and effectiveness with my program. I have had 4 other trainers in the past 5 years. Nick McCray is the compilation of all the MOST positive and wonderful aspects the other 4 trainers had. Nick is the WHOLE package………the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD!!
Thank you Nick! I am so looking forward to this journey with you by my side!!!!